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TWEETS ARE WATCHING: NFL Players React To End Of Lockout

Twitter was hot like fire with NFL player’s tweets once the end of the lockout was announced. One of your favorite guys could be featured. ┬áCheck the rest….

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BREAKING: NFL Lockout Ends, Let The Games Begin

NFL logo

The 2011-12 NFL season can now commence. Player reps have unanimously agreed to accept the ratified collective bargaining agreement set forth by the league’s owners. The lockout is over. NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and Commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference today to announce the good news. From USA Today, details of the new …

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Funny or Die Hits Us Off With Kobe Bryant And NFL Lockout Spoofs

Funny or Die

I love the good folks at Funny or Die. They’re creativity is unmatched and they never fail to give the people what they want – LAUGHTER. This time, they produced clever spoofs of Kobe Bryant giving his opinion about the NBA Lockout and a play on the Field of Dreams movie for the NFL Lockout. …

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Larry Fitzgerald Test Drives The New Lexus LFA [PHOTOS]

Lexus gave wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald the chance to test drive the forthcoming Lexus LFA, a luxury sports car that began as a concept car over ten years ago.

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NBA Lockout Is On and Poppin’

So sad. Unable to reach a new collective bargaining agreement before the July 1st deadline, the NBA owners have officially locked the players out. Now what?

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Buffalo Bills Preview New Uniform But Due To Lockout No Players Available To Show It Off

Look at this pitiful display…. The Buffalo Bills have crafted new uniforms for their players and showed it on a wire hanger at an empty locker. Couldn’t they have at least waited until the lockout was resolved for the debut? At this point, who cares if they have new uniforms if there will be no …

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Amar’e Stoudemire Talks NBA Lockout and Conditioning [VIDEO]

The Real Robinson Report caught up with New York Knick Amar’e Stoudemire and asked him a few questions about a possible NFL Lockout.

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Chad Ochocinco Wants To Take Your Order

NFL Lockout be damned. Chad Ochocinco knows how to keep coins in his pocket. Chad shared these twitpics of himself waiting tables.

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