NBA Lockout Is On and Poppin’

So sad.

Unable to reach a new collective bargaining agreement before the July 1st deadline, the NBA owners have officially locked the players out.

Now what?


Summer League play in Las Vegas had already been cancelled, which was a tremedous tell-tale sign, but now ALL league business has come to a screeching halt. No trades, no free agency, no hirings or firings.

This is the third time there has been an NBA lockout; the last time occurred during the 1998-99 season. Only 50 regular-season games were played that year.

Lockouts affect so may people. The players, owners, media, team and arena employees, etc., and I am not sure how long this will last but lets face it, it sucks.

I know Billy Hunter, Derek Fisher and others forewarned the NBA players to prepare for this day by saving money and cutting unnecessary spending, but if this lockout lasts into next season, there will be some painful lessons learned by those who didn’t heed the warning.

First the NFL locks its players out, now this. Damn shame.

MLB All-Star weekend is coming in a few weeks. I hope its good. We’re gonna need something to be excited about.

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