Larry Fitzgerald Test Drives The New Lexus LFA [PHOTOS]

Lexus gave wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald the chance to test drive the forthcoming Lexus LFA, a luxury sports car that began as a concept car over ten years ago.

Larry Fitzgerald

What was it like to get behind the wheel of the LFA?

I feel like it’s a driver’s car. I’ve ridden in a lot of exotic cars and this one is really comfortable. If I needed to drive to Flagstaff for training camp, three hours away, I would not hesitate to jump in the LFA. It’s easy to operate for such a high-tech vehicle.

Were there any “Wow!” moments?

0 to 60 was that moment for me. It just put me back in my seat. Plus, it stopped on a dime.

If you could compare the LFA to a football position, which one would it be? A wide receiver like you?

No question. It’s a diva car and wide receiver is a diva position. We’re the fastest guys on the field and we’re the playmakers.

Lexus has always been committed to the pursuit of perfection. As a football player, do you feel the same way?

Absolutely. I’m always in the pursuit of perfection. We all know that it’s impossible to truly achieve perfection, but striving for excellence is something you need to do on a daily basis.


The Lexus LFA will be released as a 2012 model.

As for Larry Fitzgerald, we aren’t exactly sure when he and his colleagues will be able to play football again, but all signs point to it being SOON.

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