TWEETS ARE WATCHING: NFL Players React To End Of Lockout

Twitter was hot like fire with NFL player’s tweets once the end of the lockout was announced.

Who wants to go to work with me tomorrow? 🙂
Pierre Garcon
Just got off the Bat Phone...Football is back in business baby!!! Here we go! Hines
Hines Ward

One of your favorite guys could be featured.  Check the rest….

The hardest part to deal with, with this Lockout being over is telling my little girl daddy's gotta leave for 6 months #SUCKS
Chris Harris
I must admit along with the Lockout being over I can not wait for Kevin Kolb and Namdi Asoughma (I know that's wrong) have a team! Sheesh!
ryan clark

This one next might be my favorite of the bunch.  Roo to the Ques….

Missing the Centennial for training camp. All the ques be OWT for your dog! #ques100 #omegapsiphi #tillthedayidie #zoom #ROO
Russell Okung
Fans win today!! Glad to be able to get back on the field soon and represent the green and gold proudly with my 52 brothers
Aaron Rodgers
Good luck to all the undrafted rookies. I know it's been a frustrating and long wait but it's finally here. God bless!
Rodriques Wilson
Good night everyone!! So thankful I can go back to playing the game I love tomorrow #lockoutisover
Jimmy Clausen

Fellas, your fans are just as happy for you to get back to work as you are.  Now, show us, who wants that Super Bowl ring the most?

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