Funny or Die Hits Us Off With Kobe Bryant And NFL Lockout Spoofs

Funny or Die

I love the good folks at Funny or Die. They’re creativity is unmatched and they never fail to give the people what they want – LAUGHTER. This time, they produced clever spoofs of Kobe Bryant giving his opinion about the NBA Lockout and a play on the Field of Dreams movie for the NFL Lockout.

The vids are available after you advance the ball….

Kobe Bryant is cocky, but this video takes it to another level!

“Dirk? He’s a beast. He’s like a White Mamba.”

Oh, and the Kobe faces?? “The overtime winner, you must be on that dope to think LeBron is better than me, Kobe face.” Hilarious!

Ray Liotta (as Roger Goodell) said, “These players are taking advantage of your corn field. You have to lock them out until we reach an agreement.” Stop it!

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