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It is time to appreciate LeBron James

Is LeBron James unappreciated? Papa GM believes so Lebron James was awesome Thursday night. Putting aside the earned disapproval he rightfully received for the tactless way he orchestrated his exit from The Forest City (Cleveland), I think its time to end the undeserved criticism routinely aimed his way for no good reason.

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The Los Angeles Vikings?

For NFL teams that could end up relocating to Los Angeles, it seems we can toss the Minnesota Vikings into the mix. While I believe LA will actually get a team, I don’t believe the Minnesota franchise would become the golden child to fulfill that prophecy. I mean, the Los Angeles Vikings? Really? Any team …

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Use What You’ve Got To Get What You Want? The Ines Sainz Conundrum

My position on the subject of Ines Sainz and her locker room experience with the NY Jets was torn. A woman who covers sports is often challenged on her knowledge and depth of understanding of ANY game, its rules, and the people who play or manage it. In many aspects of our lives, we are …

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