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Commentary and musings (mostly about the Chicago Bulls) from The Lady GM's lovable dad.

PAPA GM: Chicago Bulls-Brooklyn Nets 2013 playoff preview


Chicago Bulls – Brooklyn Nets Round 1 matchup preview Though they won 3 of 4 against Brooklyn, the Chicago Bulls will need to be at the top of their game to win the playoff series against the home-court advantaged Nets. Tom Thibodeau’s stalwarts must come with the determination, energy, and robust defense displayed when they …

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It is time to appreciate LeBron James

Is LeBron James unappreciated? Papa GM believes so Lebron James was awesome Thursday night. Putting aside the earned disapproval he rightfully received for the tactless way he orchestrated his exit from The Forest City (Cleveland), I think its time to end the undeserved criticism routinely aimed his way for no good reason.

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Michael Jordan, the NBA, its Players, and this Tricky Lockout – Part 1

I don’t like the heat Michael Jordan has taken during the NBA negotiations. Lacy Banks of the Chicago Sun-Times referred to him as a “coin-operated two-faced jerk” and Stephon Marbury called him “Michael Fake Jordan.” The criticisms that demean MJ while moaning in disbelief that he is different from his days as a player disobey …

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Why Bulls Will Not See the NBA Finals Until Owner Jerry Reinsdorf Relinquishes Control to an Heir Who Loves Sports and Winning

Under Jerry Reinsdorf’s ownership (with a little help from MJ), the Bulls have become one of the most valuable franchises ($511 million) in the league, ranked third behind the Los Angeles Lakers ($607 million) and New York Knicks ($586 million). The same Forbes NBA Statistics rankings hold true for revenue generation; but the Bulls are …

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