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The NBA Lockout Is Tentatively Over And We Will Get Christmas Games


It seems an end to the NBA Lockout is upon us. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports tweeted that a tentative agreement to end the lockout and begin games on Christmas Day has been reached.

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Michael Jordan, the NBA, its Players, and this Tricky Lockout – Part 1


I don’t like the heat Michael Jordan has taken during the NBA negotiations. Lacy Banks of the Chicago Sun-Times referred to him as a “coin-operated two-faced jerk” and Stephon Marbury called him “Michael Fake Jordan.” The criticisms that demean MJ while moaning in disbelief that he is different from his days as a player disobey …

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DEAL OR NO DEAL: NBA Players Reject Leagues Latest Offering


We have unanimously decided this deal doesn’t work for the players. – Derek Fisher, NBPA President Welp, there you have it folks. As expected (at least in the world of Ballertainment), the NBA players have rejected the latest deal proposed by the NBA and its owners.

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NBA Players Image Problem Spoofed In “Fundraiser” Video


In another time and space this video, “NBA Lockout Fundraiser,” might be very funny. However, in light of the NBA lockout, it serves as a magnifier of an ongoing problem for the leagues players — the public’s ill-perception of them. Watch for yourself….

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NBA Players Tweet Their Thoughts On Latest Lockout News


  Social media has changed the game, literally, in so many ways. Twitter played a tremendous part in maintaining fan support during the NFL lockout, and now NBA players are using the platform to connect with their supporters just the same. After Monday’s announcement that the first two weeks of the 2011-2012 season would be …

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NBA Regular Season Will Be Short Two Weeks Of Play


Hours and hours of recent meetings between the NBA players union and the NBA owners has resulted in the CANCELLATION of the first two weeks of the season.

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