NBA Players Image Problem Spoofed In “Fundraiser” Video

In another time and space this video, “NBA Lockout Fundraiser,” might be very funny.

However, in light of the NBA lockout, it serves as a magnifier of an ongoing problem for the leagues players — the public’s ill-perception of them.

Watch for yourself….

Jest.com was subtle in its approach, but the message was loud and clear…. NBA players look like the greedy ones in this situation, even though they are not.

Trying to maintain and build upon something that you have already does not display greed; what they are asking for is not the problem.

The problem lies within the NBPA’s methodology. From a public relations standpoint, they are losing. The “world tour” that is scheduled to take place is a prime example. How does it benefit the whole?

If they don’t rein it in and strengthen the ranks, they will slowly find themselves acquiescing to the owners. Then they will appear greedy AND soft.

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