The NBA Lockout Is Tentatively Over And We Will Get Christmas Games

It seems an end to the NBA Lockout is upon us.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports tweeted that a tentative agreement to end the lockout and begin games on Christmas Day has been reached.

The NBA and players have reached an agreement on a deal, source says. The season will start on Dec. 25.
Adrian Wojnarowski


The players have to vote on the agreement, withdraw their lawsuit against the owners, then reform their union — other legal matters and small details must also be finalized before this deal can be legitimized.  An abbreviated training camp and free agency period will take place also.

Its good to know that cooler heads prevailed and basketball will be coming to the masses in time for the holiday.

According to NBA.com the scheduled Christmas games are as follows:

Boston Celtics at New York Knicks – Noon ET

Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks – 2:30 PM ET

Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Lakers – 5:00 PM ET

Oh, and lets not forget that the Bears and Packers play each other that day also.

It will be an unbelievable day of sports.

Welcome back, fellas!



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