NBA Players Tweet Their Thoughts On Latest Lockout News


Social media has changed the game, literally, in so many ways.

Twitter played a tremendous part in maintaining fan support during the NFL lockout, and now NBA players are using the platform to connect with their supporters just the same.

After Monday’s announcement that the first two weeks of the 2011-2012 season would be canceled, several players began tweeting and engaging with fans to let them know that although they are embattled in a labor dispute with the owners, their hearts are still in the game.

I’ve compiled some of those tweets for you. 

Como era de esperar, el comisionado de la NBA suspendió las 1ras 2 semanas de campeonato. Una pena! LET US PLAY! #standunited
Manu Ginobili
4 all the illinformed ppl re @ lockout:This is an OWNER IMPOSED LOCKOUT/STRIKE.We, the players,did not go on Strike,we were put on strike
Andrew Bogut
First two weeks gone. Sorry everyone.
Jimmer Fredette
S/O @ for not stopping until we get a fair and righteous deal hard worker on and off the court #salute
Marcus Thornton
Genuinely sorry to all the employees in and around NBA arenas losing work.
Steve Nash
I will continue to do what I've done since July 1- work on my game and my body just like every other NBA player. Anxious to resume my job.
JJ Redick
Sorry NBA fans. And especially feel bad for all the good ppl that run and operate all the arenas in the NBA. Hopefully we resolve soon!
Damien Wilkins
First 2 weeks of the season cancelled?!? Smh Let us get back to work and play the game we LOVE
Quincy Pondexter

Stay strong fellas, stay strong.

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