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REPLAY: The T.O. Show, Season 3, Episode 5, T.O. Cutz and Curlz


At lunch, Monique and Kita squashed their beef about Joe. At days end, their friendship is rock solid and they always have spats so just add this one to the list. Mo excitedly tells Kita that she has an offer from one of their former colleagues to do radio in Miami. In Mo’s mind, other …

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REPLAY: The T.O. Show, Season 3, Episode 4, Bad Influences, Good Ideas


Receiving fresh flowers delights most women — unless your name is Kita Williams. Kita received a beautiful array of roses and she was excited until she realized who they were from….

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REPLAY: The T.O. Show, Season 3, Episode 2, Road To Recovery


Remind me never to tear my ACL. In the second episode of season 3 of The T.O. Show, Terrell Owens is “laid up” while his knee heals. He’s quite the needy one considering the circumstances, and his publicist, Kita is constantly threatening him. To ease her load (Kari left) she called Mo. The threat of …

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WARM UP: La La’s Full Court Life and The T.O. Show Return To VH1 [Video]


Get More: La La’s Full Court Life, Reality TV Shows, Reality TV Shows 6 This will be the series premier for LaLa’s Full Court Life. The cameras follow LaLa as she adjusts to life back in the Big Apple, managing her career and family. For an athlete (and in this case, Carmelo Anthony), playing in …

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