REPLAY: The T.O. Show, Season 3, Episode 4, Bad Influences, Good Ideas

Receiving fresh flowers delights most women — unless your name is Kita Williams.

Kita received a beautiful array of roses and she was excited until she realized who they were from….

Good ol’ Joe.

Later, Terrell hung out at his barbershop with his buddy and former NBA player John Salley. First off, who new buddy even had a barbershop?

John was trying to get an understanding of what T.O. wanted to do should he be forced to quit football. T.O. didn’t say it, but from recent cameo appearances, its evident that he wants to be an actor. John’s suggestions of a television analyst career didn’t seem appealing to Terrell.

Speaking of appealing, adult toys seem to appeal to Kita.

John Salley came by the Miami condo to take the crew out for the night and when he asked Kita who she was dating, she told him about Ted. We learned about Ted last week.

Bravely, Kita shows her toy to John, who commences to smell it. Yup! You read it right. Kita freaks out and laughter ensues as she chases him around the pool table.

Then, John takes it a step farther….

He went BACK into their room digging for more goodies and the infamous Rabbit appears. Terrell ends up with it and realizes its being powered by the Duracell batteries he’s been missing.

The next day finds Monique and Kita sitting on the patio at the condo discussing a bikini contest that John Salley enlisted Terrell to judge. Kita mentions that its right up T.O.’s alley because the contest will probably be full of the “exotic tropics” that he prefers. THAT was hilarious.

Mo mentions that former NFL player Jevon Kearse will be there judging as well, and she and Kita light up like Christmas trees. I get the feeling Ms. Kita and Jevon shared some level of chemistry during T.O.’s days when he and Jevon were Philadelphia Eagles teammates.

The memories were so vivid that Mo teased Kita by doing this….

Yes, that is Mo’s leg that she EASILY threw behind her head. No wonder her husband, Victor, didn’t want her to leave home for this trip. Get it, Mo.

Moving on….

The bikini contest ended in suprise when Kita stepped out as a contestant. Of course, Terrell had to act like he wasn’t pressed and instead was repulsed by Kita modeling that teeny weeny bikini, but we ALL know the chemistry between them is as clear as water.

Kita looked great and she won the contest. I love it when my fellow Slim Kim’s hold it down.

Back at the condo, the crew discussed Kita’s contest win. I can’t let it slide that Terrell couldn’t understand how Kita “beat all those Columbians and Italian women.”

Really, Terrell? REALLY?

Anyway, there is a knock at the door, and the person who entered prompted this response from Kita….

In Kita’s defense, no one wants to be popped up on, but something about this guest showing up unannounced was sweet because he is clearly a man on a mission….

Joe wants his woman back and he traveled to Miami from LA to get her.

Kita wasn’t impressed, though. As a matter of fact, she was pissed. She’s not over Joe’s deception and lies (Joe was married and began dating Kita without filling her in on his home situation) and she wanted him to leave. He obliged.

But…….before he left, he snuck in an ‘I love you.” Crafty rascal.

Once he was gone, Terrell and Mo tried to tell Kita how wrong she was for treating him that way, and Terrell even went so far as to say Kita should be grateful someone was trying to love her “lil’ ass.”

That didn’t go over so well. Kita didn’t appreciate them trying to tell her how to handle her love life, and as usual, she and Mo got into it and fingers started waving and necks and backs started swaying.

The look on Terrell’s assistant Adrienne’s face is PRICELESS.

Next week, Kita and Mo seek to expand T.O. brand and bump heads with the head barber at T.O.’s barbershop. In the preview, he tells them that T.O. gives them too much say so. Awwwwwww shucks. Its gonna go down and I’ll have the recap for you, don’t worry.

The T.O. Show airs Mondays on VH1 9:30PM central.

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