REPLAY: The T.O. Show, Season 3, Episode 5, T.O. Cutz and Curlz

At lunch, Monique and Kita squashed their beef about Joe. At days end, their friendship is rock solid and they always have spats so just add this one to the list.

Mo excitedly tells Kita that she has an offer from one of their former colleagues to do radio in Miami.

In Mo’s mind, other opportunities need to be explored, especially with the uncertainty surrounding their primary business — Terrell.

Meanwhile, Terrell goes by his barbershop, T.O. Cutz, to chat with his business partner Peter (Peter cuts lots of Miami’s ball players) and the other staff members.

They pow wow about ways to improve business at the shop, including adding a car wash. Quietly, I’ve always thought a babershop/car wash combo was a no brainer. T.O. didn’t seem to bite. What he did agree upon was that he needed to be more visible and involved in the shop. He even decided to get on the phone and take appointments….

I imagine that was the one and only time that happened.

Over dinner, Mo shares the news of the radio offer with Terrell and all he can do is crack jokes. He even told Mo she had a “face for radio.” So wrong. They laughed it off, though. Is that what friends are for?

The other topic of discussion is that Mo and Kita want to persuade Terrell to expand the services at the barbershop to include stylists for women.

This is what he thought of that….

When Mo goes to the radio station for a test run, Terrell goes with her….

She should have left him at home. Terrell took over her session. He always needs to shine.

Another day, Kita took Terrell to a salon to see the wonders of hair weave. She made a valid point about the difference in revenue between a barbershop and a salon. Terrell got it, but…

He seemed to be overwhelmed.

Back at the condo, the ladies joked about T.O. being around all those black women at one time.

It’s no secret that he prefers “exotic tropics” over sisters. But, that’s his thing so if he likes it, I love it.

He’s still wasn’t convinced that a unisex salon was the right move so he told the ladies that to the shop to discuss it further with Peter, but that’s not how it turned out.

They went to the shop with an entourage of stylists and TOLD Peter how it was gonna go down.

Did you peep Al Reynold’s? Is he becoming a reality show whore?

Anyway, back to the discussion at hand. Peter was pissed. He didn’t agree to having a shop full of women. He agreed to having one. As far as he was concerned they had available chairs at the flea market. He told Mo and Kita that T.O. gave them too much say so and that he was not having it and they needed to go back to talk to Terrell.

The episode ended with Terrell, Mo and Kita meeting up at an outdoor cafe, and Terrell putting the lid on the whole idea of bringing hair stylists into the salon.

Next week, Terrell will reveal his knee surgery and his money woes to his mother.

Bring it on back for the recap.

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