REPLAY: The T.O. Show, Season 3, Episode 2, Road To Recovery

Remind me never to tear my ACL.

In the second episode of season 3 of The T.O. Show, Terrell Owens is “laid up” while his knee heals. He’s quite the needy one considering the circumstances, and his publicist, Kita is constantly threatening him. To ease her load (Kari left) she called Mo. The threat of Terrell’s career being in jeopardy is becoming more and more real and Kita wants her business partner/partner in crime there to help. Kita isn’t fooling a soul, though. She just wants to pass of the duty of emptying Terrell’s “pee” jug.

Mo, who is in LA, agrees to fly to Florida, but when she tells her husband, Victor, of her plans, he tries to shut her down.

Victor feels Mo’s place is at home with the couple’s growing family, and in light of the argument she and Terrell had to end last season’s show, he couldn’t care less of her need to go to his aid.

Meanwhile, back in Florida, Kita decides she’s going to cook dinner for Terrell. *crickets*

Terrell gets picked up to be taken to the rehab facility for his session and a brief visit by his surgeon. By the time he returns, Kita has done her best to create a chicken dish which she excitedly serves to Terrell—until he finds a hair in his plate.

Over dinner, Kita tried to broach the subject of Kari, but Terrell shot that down, making it clear that his focus was on getting healthy. Oh, and he farted for her too.

Later, Terrell decided that he wanted one of his cars so that he didn’t have to use a driver to take him to his twice daily rehab sessions. He sends Kita (who will ultimately be driving him) to get one of his cars from Birmingham, Alabama.

Her trip back is delayed because she ended up stuck in some sand on the side of the road. Ummmm, Kita? Who attempts to u-turn in the middle of the Interstate?

Anyway, she made it back safely, and during a conversation with Terrell she suggested they leave Pensacola and move the rehab to Miami where they can be more productive for business purposes. She also took the opportunity to tell Terrell that Mo would be meeting them there.

In the end, they spend evening having a “slumber party” where its all too apparent that they should quit playing and be together.

Watch the full second episode HERE.

Check back next week for my recap of the third episode. I can’t wait to see what happens when Monique and Terrell reunite.

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