WARM UP: La La’s Full Court Life and The T.O. Show Return To VH1 [Video]

This will be the series premier for LaLa’s Full Court Life. The cameras follow LaLa as she adjusts to life back in the Big Apple, managing her career and family. For an athlete (and in this case, Carmelo Anthony), playing in a city where you were raised can be challenging and rewarding. LaLa will experience that first hand as she works at pleasing their families with perks. She is the “First Lady,” though so I know she will work it out.

The Anthony’s moved to NYC last year after Carmelo was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks. It looks like Lala and Chauncey Billups’ wife Piper will have some issues to iron out. I can’t wait!

The T.O. Show

The T.O.Show is returning for its 3rd season. Obviously, Team Terrell is in for a few roller coaster rides this season. Does dissension exist amongst the ranks? Are they outgrowing one another? Will Monique jump ship? What will become of Terrell’s football career? Is he going broke? Are Kita and Joe getting married? There are tons of questions to be answered.

La La’s Full Court Life and The T.O. Show each premier Monday, August 22nd, on VH1. Will you be watching? Ballertainment will, and I’ll be bringing you weekly recaps. Stay tuned…

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