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Tiger Woods ‘Winning’ ad spoofed with the likes of Oscar Pistorius and OJ Simpson

Oscar Pistorius

OJ Simpson and Oscar Pistorius subbed for Tiger Woods in Nike ad spoof Oscar Pistorius and OJ Simpson are among a few athletes who are featured in a spoof of a recent Nike ad and it raises a few questions. When Tiger Woods appeared in his latest Nike ad that proclaimed “WINNING TAKES CARE OF …

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Full page ad in USA Today criticizes Michael Vick, Humane Society

Michael Vick and The Humane Society of the United States attacked in national media outlet. The more things change, the more they stay the same. While Michael Vick is struggling on the field, an organization named HumaneWatch has gone to great lengths to criticize the NFL QB for now owning a dog, and the Humane …

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5 most intriguing things Michael Vick shared with Piers Morgan

Tuesday evening, on CNN, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick, joined Piers Morgan to discuss his autobiography Michael Vick: Finally Free. During the interview, he shared personal details about his downfall as a result of dog fighting, the consequences, including his imprisonment and how that affected his family, his road to redemption, and how he deals …

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Michael Vick plays chess with young Eagles fans

Michael Vick says he has been playing chess for four years so its no surprise that Tuesday,

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New Deal For Michael Vick, Six Years, $100 Million

Michael Vick, star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, has inked a new deal that will keep him with the team for another six years. The deal, worth $100 million, includes $40 million in guaranteed funds. My, how things come full circle.

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Michael Vick First Athlete Featured as Lone Subject of an ESPN The Mag Issue

For the first time ever, ESPN The Magazine will publish an issue solely dedicated to one athlete. That athlete is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Dwayne Vick. Presented as a four-chapter series, the issue will cover the following subjects/titles: “Welcome to the Revolution,” “The View From Within,” “Zero-Sum Game,” and “The Dog in the Room.” “The …

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DeSean Jackson, “I Always Wanted To Be A Eagle”

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has ended his holdout. After 11 days, 10 is back. Hold outs aren’t what they used to be (although, Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson’s holdout could come close). Guys used to holdout well into the season. Bo Jackson once held out an entire season. But, it’s a new day. …

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Nnamdi Asomugha Joins Phildelphia Eagles, 5 Years, $60 Million

The greatest mystery during 2011 NFL Free Agency has been solved, and in a very surprising fashion. Nnmadi Asomugha (Nom-dee Ah-sum-wah) has reached a 5-year, $60 million agreement ($25M guaranteed) to join the Philadelphia Eagles. Widely considered one of the best cornerbacks to play the game, and certainly the best overall free agent available this …

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