Tiger Woods ‘Winning’ ad spoofed with the likes of Oscar Pistorius and OJ Simpson

Oscar Pistorius

OJ Simpson and Oscar Pistorius subbed for Tiger Woods in Nike ad spoof

Oscar Pistorius and OJ Simpson are among a few athletes who are featured in a spoof of a recent Nike ad and it raises a few questions.

When Tiger Woods appeared in his latest Nike ad that proclaimed “WINNING TAKES CARE OF EVERYTHING,” it was met with mixed reviews.


Tiger had just won the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and his ranking as the top overall PGA player was reclaimed. The ad was Nike’s way of lending support to their marketing golden child, and a not so subtle encouragement for people to move past Tiger’s personal indiscretions and subsequent fall from grace.

It wasn’t that simple, though. The ad rubbed people the wrong way.

The notion that all could be well in life, birds would sing, and the sun would shine brightly all because of winning did not sit well with some. With the release of the ad, we were reminded that forgiveness is usually hard fought.

Winning does not always make things right in everyones mind, and the following pictures manage to drive that point home.


OJ Simpson_Winning


All of these guys fell from grace, but it can be said that their individual status as premier athletes garnered them some level of special treatment.

Pistorius is facing murder charges for shooting his girlfriend to death in South Africa, but surprisingly, he has been granted permission to travel OUTSIDE the country. Lance Armstrong was busted for doping, then coyly admitted to his wrongdoing, and OJ was acquitted of the 1994 murder his ex-wife and her friend (or lover), although he is currently and ironically in jail for his role in the robbery of a sports memorabilia dealer. Michael Vick was charged and imprisoned for a shocking dog-fighting scandal.

I must say I am torn by the inclusion of Vick, though, because he served his time, continues to pay his debt to society and moved on with his life. He earned the opportunity for a second chance to start again in the NFL.



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