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The NFL Award Tour

This weekend brought good news for many deserving members, past and present, of the National Football League. Some of the most coveted and important awards were handed out and Ballertainment has the rundown. By unanimous decision, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was named NFL Most Valuable Player.

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The Michael Vick Sweepstakes

Game on, folks. Sunday night, on his debut show, CNN’s Piers Morgan presented a friendly wager to Oprah Winfrey – which of the two would first land a coveted interview with Philadelphia Eagle’s QB Michael Vick? The bet came about when Oprah declined to answer Piers’ question about what advice she would give to Vick. …

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Jay-Z, FOX and a Touchdown

Music is often the soundtrack of life. It can turn the most mundane situation into something fantastic and memorable. It can set the tone for any occasion, happy or sad. Sports are much the same. There are tipping points in the best games or events that elicit raw emotion of jubilance or disappointment.

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It’s Tashard’s Choice

Are you bent out of shape about Tashard Choice and his decision to ask Michael Vick for an autograph? Source Get over it. What he did was awesome. It was a lesson in camaraderie. There have been varying opinions about this “incident,” so much so that the man has gotten on da Twitta to apologize. …

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