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Tiger Woods ‘Winning’ ad spoofed with the likes of Oscar Pistorius and OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson and Oscar Pistorius subbed for Tiger Woods in Nike ad spoof Oscar Pistorius and OJ Simpson are among a few athletes who are featured in a spoof of a recent Nike ad and it raises a few questions. When Tiger Woods appeared in his latest Nike ad that proclaimed “WINNING TAKES CARE OF …

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FOAMPOSITE HEAVEN: Penny 5 set to release September 8

Penny 5, Galaxy Foamposite set to release If you don’t respect Penny Hardaway’s longevity in the sneaker game, then you should. Although his playing days are done, he and Nike have consistently hit us hard with his signature shoes. Most notable perhaps, is the Foamposite (the release of the Galaxy Foamposite in February caused QUITE …

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Find Your Greatness: Is Nathan Nike’s greatest pitch man?

Find Greatness Nike commercial a hit In what could easily be added to Nike’s list of best commercials, a kid by the name of Nathan teaches us what it means to Find Your Greatness. Advance the ball to meet him…

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Lamar Odom Is ALWAYS ON For Nike Sportswear [VIDEO]

Lamar Odom is the latest athlete to star in Nike Sportwear’s “Always On” original video series.

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BASS CHECK: Darrelle Revis is ALWAYS ON for Nike

Darrelle Revis has a new Nike Sportswear spot for their ALWAYS ON campaign….

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Nike Celebrates Kevin Durant With Rucker 66 Commercial

August 1, Kevin Durant set “the Rucker” on fire, scoring 66 points and carving his own special niche in New York City basketball lore. To mark the occasion, Nike tapped Pee Wee Kirkland to narrate the following spot….

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LeBron James Treats His Nike Team To Dinner

The LeBron James Nike imprint is huge, so it’s no surprise that the group that manages his shoe brand is equally so. LeBron shared a meal with the Nike crew to show his gratitude for their dedication and hard work. ¬†Wasn’t that nice? Do your thang, LBJ. Photo via Twitter Follow Lebron James @KingJames. SOURCE

EQUIPMENT ROOM: The Penny Hardaway Nike Air Force 1 “Cent”

First things first, if you aren’t following Penny Hardaway on Twitter (@Iam1Cent), then these are the types of goodies you miss out on. Thursday, Penny tweeted this photo of the shoe, featuring his signature 1 Cent logo, with the message, “Coming Soon!” For sneaker fiends and collectors all over the globe, I certainly hope so. …

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