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Marlins suspend Ozzie Guillen for 5 games


The official fallout from Ozzie Guillen’s expression of love for former Cuban President Fidel Castro has begun. The Miami Marlins have suspended Guillen for five games, without pay.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOO! Ozzie Guillen Turns 48 Today


If you know The Lady GM, you know I am a HUGE fan of Miami Marlin’s skipper Ozzie Guillen. I’m still in mourning over his ousting from my beloved White Sox, but my adoration for him lives strong.

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Marlins Job Awaits As Ozzie Guillen Requests Release From White Sox


Ozzie Guillen is no longer manager of the Chicago White Sox. I feel the need to repeat that until it really sinks in for me. I have been a Guillen fan since his playing days as a member of the team, when the stadium was still Comiskey Park.

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Ozzie Guillen Speaks of Life and His Hot Wife For Esquire Mag


The Word says a man who finds a wife finds a good thing. Ozzie Guillen can attest to this.

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REPLAY: The Best Interview Ozzie Guillen Has Ever Given


Do you know Chicago White Sox Skipper Ozzie Guillen? After you watch these videos you’ll know him a heap better. Ozzie Guillen is the Chicago White Sox. He’s a warrior and a madcap. He’s a walking open mic night. He is everything you’re not and much of what you wish to be. He doesn’t give …

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