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Boston Red Sox win World Series

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox beat St. Louis Cardinals to win 2013 World Series The Boston Red Sox won the World Series Wednesday night. Its their third time in 10 years, but the meaning behind this particular accomplishment is super special to the city because it marks the first time the team has won a championship at …

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Zimmerman not guilty verdict sends shockwaves through pro sports

George Zimmerman found not guilty, athletes react The not guilty verdict on the George Zimmerman murder trial brought about strong reaction from the sports world. Below are a few of tweets that express some anger, but mostly sadness from some of your favorite ball players… Everything happens for a reason. God uses things like this …

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Jerry Reinsdorf screened ’42’ and finally realized Jackie Robinson endured a lot of crap

Jerry Reinsdorf

Jerry Reinsdorf didn’t understand impact of Jackie Robinson until he watched “42” We now know that at least one person has been touched by the Legendary Pictures film, “42,” the story of baseball legend, Jackie Robinson. Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls, was present at a private screening of the …

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Matt Kemp and DIRECTV launch Extra Innings campaign

Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp promotes MLB Extra Innings package for Directv Matt Kemp wants you to “STEP UP TO THE PLATE” and order the MLB Extra Innings Package from Directv. For $200 bucks you can watch Matt (whose getting a fresh start after an injury-riddled 2012 season) and all his ball-hitting, ball-catching, and ball-throwing friends, on a …

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BASS CHECK: Matt Kemp covers ESPN Magazine

Matt Kemp covers ESPN Mag You can find the awesome and handsome Matt Kemp, the Los Angeles Dodgers star centerfielder, on the latest cover of ESPN Magazine. While the cover is amazing, it’s the story on the inside that is much more compelling…

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Girlfriend of Aroldis Chapman bound and robbed in Philly hotel

Girlfriend of Aroldis Chapman robbed in Philly While the cat’s away, the mouse will get tied up tight in a hotel room with some napkins (of all things) and robbed?

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COVERED: Magic Johnson and Matt Kemp grace Sports Illustrated

Magic Johnson and Matt Kemp share SI cover The latest Sports Illustrated cover reads “Fun and games in L.A.”

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In Memoriam: Donna Summer sings national anthem at Fenway Park (2004)

Donna Summer passed away today at age 63 after battling cancer. Damn that cancer. I pulled a video of her singing the Star Spangled Banner before a World Series game (Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals) in 2004. Advance the ball to watch….

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