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Jerry Reinsdorf screened ’42’ and finally realized Jackie Robinson endured a lot of crap

Jerry Reinsdorf

Jerry Reinsdorf didn’t understand impact of Jackie Robinson until he watched “42” We now know that at least one person has been touched by the Legendary Pictures film, “42,” the story of baseball legend, Jackie Robinson. Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls, was present at a private screening of the …

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REPLAY: The Best Interview Ozzie Guillen Has Ever Given

Do you know Chicago White Sox Skipper Ozzie Guillen? After you watch these videos you’ll know him a heap better. Ozzie Guillen is the Chicago White Sox. He’s a warrior and a madcap. He’s a walking open mic night. He is everything you’re not and much of what you wish to be. He doesn’t give …

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