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Cleveland fan runs to LeBron James, tells him he is missed

LeBron James

LeBron James shown love from a Cleveland fan I wonder if LeBron James ever looks forward to returning to Cleveland? I’m sure you already know his exit from the Cavaliers was less than stellar, so any time he and the Miami Heat are slated to return to fair Cleveland for a game, everyone’s bloomers get …

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Jason Terry victimized by LeBron James dunk [VIDEO]

Jason Terry

Jason Terry is now LeBron James’ poster child Somebody call the church ladies and ask them to come quickly with their fans because Jason Terry was just stretched out in the pews. Advance the ball for the vid…

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Athletes pop up in MTV TRL photo booth vault

MTV opened the TRL Photo Booth vault and Freshalina of Crunk & Disorderly posted a collection of pics that had me over here cracking up. So what did I do? I went in and pulled all the athletes pics, and all I can say is ‘ooooooh wee!’ Kick back and enjoy this trip down memory …

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Samsung’s “LeBron’s Day” spot a thing of marketing beauty


LeBron James teams with Samsung for the release of the Galaxy Note II in LeBron’s Day commercial spot Its becoming clear to me that when it comes to LeBron, there is B.R. and A.R. Before the ring and after the ring.

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Miami Heat received championship rings before beating Celtics

Miami Heat 2011 Championship Ring

Miami Heat enjoy Championship Ring-and-Banner ceremony In a ceremony held before the start of Tuesday’s NBA season opener, the Miami Heat received their championship rings and had the honor of watching a second banner lifted to the rafters of American Airlines Arena. Biscayne Boulevard was beaming with pride.

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LeBron James fitted for first championship ring

LeBron James fitted for first championship ring LeBron James is a champion (in case you forgot, although I don’t see how you could, considering the enormity of it all).

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LeBron James tweets the moment his NBA Championship sinks in

LeBron James tweets NBA Championship joy When LeBron James tweets, we listen…. Indeed you are, LBJ. Roll that feeling up like pigs in a blanket drenched in maple syrup and enjoy it.  

Miami Heat win NBA Finals, LeBron James MVP [PHOTOS]

Let the angels sing as the Miami Heat win the NBA Championship. That’s right, put it in the record books. The 2011-2012 NBA Season has come to an end and LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Coach Spoelstra and the entire Miami Heat team can celebrate their Game 5 victory (121-106) over the …

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