Kevin Ware returns to Louisville, gets new puppy named Scar

Kevin Ware

Louisville player Kevin Ware departs Indiana, returns to campus after surgery for gruesome injury

Kevin Ware left the Indiana University Medical Center, Tuesday, accompanied by his parents and girlfriend and returned to campus at Louisville, after having successful surgery to repair his broken right leg.

Eater Sunday, Ware suffered a terrible double fracture while playing in an Elite 8 tournament game against the Duke Blue Devils.

The game was nationally televised so countless people (including his parents) witnessed the horror of his injury live while his teammates, opponents, coaches from both teams, officials, media, and an arena full of spectators fell silent after the initial shock and sadness of what happened.

After Kevin was stabilized and taken to the hospital, Louisville rallied together to win that game for him.

Ware has received a tremendous outpouring of love and support from all over the world and especially from many athletes, including Hall-of-Fame NFL quarterback Joe Theismann and former Louisville and current Chicago Bear running back Michael Bush (who once suffered an awful injury himself) and Kobe Bryant.

None of this has been lost on Ware who has maintained a positive attitude which is evident via his Intstgram account.

He has shared some great photos, including this one of he and his new puppy, Scar.

Kevin Ware

Ware will join his teammates in Atlanta this weekend for the Final Four where they will play Wichita State for a chance to advance to the NCAA Championship game..

Photos via Instagram/Twitter

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  1. don

    Really good to see this young man in good spirits and everything. I gotta figure that all he needs is being witnessed within the pic – positive attitude and loving supporters.

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