Fab Five support Michigan basketball at NCAA Championship game

Fab Five

Fab Five shows up to support Michigan basketball at NCAA Championship game

All five members of the storied Michigan Fab 5 team of the 90’s were in attendance at the 2013 National Championship game.

C_Webb_National Championship_2013

After an extensive investigation revealed years of inappropriate exchanges of gifts and funds between a booster, Ed Martin, and several Michigan players, most notably, Chris Webber, the university faced harsh sanctions which had far reaching ramifications for the basketball program (i.e., the team’s banners were removed) and the individuals involved.

Jalen Rose, who produced a film, “The Fab Five,” for ESPN, mentioned before that Tim Hardaway, Jr. has worn a “Free Fab Five” tee shirt around campus since his arrival in Ann Arbor three years ago.

Lil’ Tim may soon get his wish.

The attendance of Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, Rose, and Webber at Monday’s game was one of the best story lines of the night.

On May 8th, NCAA sanctions against the school’s association with Webber and vice versa, will be lifted after 10 long years.

Hopefully, today’s event will lead to more appearances by the group as a whole, and reconciliation between C Webb, the University of Michigan, and its basketball program because lets face it, like his counterparts, Chris has a lot to offer as a proponent of education, a philanthropist, an NBA analyst and overall lover of basketball.

Although the current Wolverines fell to the Louisville Cardinals, 82-76, I’m sure they appreciated the old guard being in the building.

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  1. don

    As a fan of Michigan’s Fab Five and someone who pretty much followed the plight of each member all the way up until Jimmy King and Ray Jackson graduated the university, it was good seeing them in the building. Like you said, once the sanctions are lifted, hopefully the Fab Five and Michigan can officially become as one again.

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