Dahntay Jones defends himself on First Take against allegations of playing dirty

Dahntay Jones

Dahntay Jones tells “First Take” crew his play against Kobe Bryant was not intentional

Dahntay Jones called in to ESPN First Take Thursday morning to speak his peace about the unfortunate play which occurred Wednesday night that resulted in Kobe Bryant being injured.

On the last play of the Lakers-Hawks matchup at Philips arena, Bryant went up for a fadeaway jumper in the last seconds of the game, and Jones walked beneath him in an effort to contest. Bryant landed on Jones’ foot and suffered a severe ankle sprain.

Kobe Bryant feels it was dangerous and dirty. Dahntay insists he was not trying to hurt Kobe, and that he respects him.

The reason this is such a sore spot for all, is because Jones deliberately tripped Kobe during the 2009 NBA Playoff series between the Lakers and Nuggets. Dahntay admitted intent and his mistake for that to Stephen A. Smith during the show.

That was noble and mature of Dahntay, but this has become a hot debate. What are your thoughts? Chime in here. Hit me on Twitter (@Ballertainment) or on Instagram (@Ballertainment).

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