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Dahntay Jones defends himself on First Take against allegations of playing dirty

Dahntay Jones

Dahntay Jones tells “First Take” crew his play against Kobe Bryant was not intentional Dahntay Jones called in to ESPN First Take Thursday morning to speak his peace about the unfortunate play which occurred Wednesday night that resulted in Kobe Bryant being injured.

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Rob Parker deems RG3 a cornball because he dates Becky

Rob Parker questions blackness of Robert Griffin III I watched ESPN First Take this morning. I heard what Rob Parker said in regards to Robert Griffin III, but I didn’t let it marinate because I’ve heard him articulate himself in controversial ways on previous occasions. Fast forward through the day, and Rob Parker still has …

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CATCH UP: Kevin Durant’s mom, Wanda Pratt, shuts down ESPN First Take

Wanda Pratt, mother of Kevin Durant, holds her own on ESPN First Take As far as NBA mom’s go, Wanda Pratt is currently the reigning champ. Her season seats to Oklahoma City Thunder games are court side, and her hair and makeup remain flawless. She is graceful, poised, and the biggest supporter and self-professed critic …

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