It is time to appreciate LeBron James

LeBron James

Is LeBron James unappreciated? Papa GM believes so

Lebron James was awesome Thursday night.

Putting aside the earned disapproval he rightfully received for the tactless way he orchestrated his exit from The Forest City (Cleveland), I think its time to end the undeserved criticism routinely aimed his way for no good reason.

Disrespecting references like, he “has no heart,” “chokes at crunch time,” “doesn’t have the kick ‘em in the head killer gene,” etc., are all nonsense.  He is who he is; and, from what I can see that’s good enough to win a championship if management can provide the right support and he can help his coach establish a “play hard 48 minutes, trust each other” chemistry among the players.

It is time to acknowledge and appreciate LeBron James’ many talents and his integrity on the floor; he plays the game the way Gentleman Jim Corbett performed in the ring – kicking ass with dignity.

It is also time to concede that his off-court behavior and message to youth is commendable.

Though I am an avid Bulls fan, I respect the qualities LeBron brings to the game.  I believe the Miami Heat will win game seven against the  Boston Celtics.

However, I do not believe they can defeat the OKC Thunder.

We shall see.

Papa GM


  1. jim

    I agree 100% on the beginning, however if they do beat OKC would you consider
    possibility changing to a new team. It would actually be easy you would keep the
    same color schemes.
    I like your comments and your honesty. Go heat !

  2. Drew

    You are absolutely correct in your comments of LeBron. LeBron is the best player in the NBA right now. He gets you Points, Rebounds, Assists and plays Defense. Its like the Yankees of baseball. The Yankees buy players so everyone outside of NY roots against them even though Jeter, Rivera, Cano, and Granderson are good guys. But Lebron brought it on himself because he claimed he would win 4,5,6 championships. LeBron got caught up in the moment, but sometimes people hang on to something because they want a reason not to like you.

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