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Mike Tyson Promotes Veganism On Sunset Strip Billboard

Mike Tyson is serious about his vegan lifestyle, so much so that he agreed to be photographed for Last Chance for Animals, a Los Angeles-based not-for profit that supports animal rights. I have been a vegan for almost two years now and the benefits have been tremendous. I have more stamina and it helps keep …

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Jack Gordon Once Tried To Pimp La Toya Jackson Out To Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson once asked to pay $100,000 to sleep with La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson’s late ex-husband Jack Gordon was a piece of work. What type of man offers his wife up for sex with another man for profit?

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Mike Tyson And Wife Lakiha Renew The “I Do” [PHOTOS]

Mike Tyson and his wife KiKi renewed their vows in Las Vegas this past weekend. Advance the ball to see more pics….

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Taking On Tyson – Episode 5 Recap

Its the first time in my life where I’ve been in a relationship where a woman comes before my pigeons. Responsiblity seems to be the message of Episode 5 of Taking on Tyson. KiKi, Tyson’s wife, and their adorable daughter Milan are introduced as the family spends quality time together in their Las Vegas home.

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Taking On Tyson – Episode 3 Recap

“Youth is wasted on the young, you know? Old too fast, smart too late.” – Mike Tyson. 19 years ago, there was a charity pigeon race out on in Tyson’s name. He was supposed to show up at the end and take a photo with the winners. He never did.

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Taking On Tyson – Episode 2 Recap

In the second episode of Taking On Tyson, Mike and his team/loft, Tyson’s Corner, meet his competitors for the pigeon races – Helder Rodrigues and Joe Green. In a sign of playful intimidation, Mike gives Helder the once over glance. Its a funny moment if you catch it. Rodrigues is a 20 year old from …

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Taking On Tyson – Episode 1 Recap

Set in New York, Taking On Tyson follows boxing legend Mike Tyson during pigeon season. This is not a joke, pigeon racing is taken seriously amongst those involved. For six months, Tyson and his team (Tyson’s Corner), comprised of trusted longtime friends – Mario, who operates a local gym, and brothers Junie and Ricky train …

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When the Wife is Bigger Than the Athlete

Some professional athletes have a larger than life persona, transcending their sport and endearing themselves to the hearts of millions. They are super stars in their own right – catching, hitting, dunking, pitching, running and throwing balls, all to the delight of their franchise, fan base, and advertisers. They live enviable lifestyles and have beautiful …

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