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Mike Tyson urges President Obama to pardon great legend Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Mike Tyson supports presidential pardon for Jack Johnson A push to pardon (posthumously) late boxing great Jack Johnson now includes support from Mike Tyson. Johnson became the first black heavyweight boxing champion in 1908.

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Mike Tyson enjoying “undeserving” fame

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson apprehensive of new fame, but wants to have fun and entertain people Mike Tyson is living, what could be classified as the second chapter of his life. He has newfound fame and is being celebrated for reasons other than clobbering an unfortunate opponent. omg! recently caught up with Tyson at Hollywood’s Emerson Theatre …

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Mike Tyson to appear on Law & Order: SVU

Mike Tyson

Law & Order: SVU gig up next for Mike Tyson Mike Tyson will assume the guest starring role of Reggie Rhodes on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. E Online says the character is a “death row inmate…who had an unfortunate upbringing and became a very violent individual.”

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Mike Tyson rehearses ‘Undisputed Truth’ with Spike Lee, tells Cus D’amato stories


Mike Tyson rehearses “Undisputed Truth” Watch as Mike Tyson rehearses his one-man Broadway show, Undisputed Truth, with director Spike Lee:

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Mike Tyson: UNDISPUTED TRUTH soon headed to Broadway


Mike Tyson: UNDISPUTED TRUTH soon headed to Broadway Mike Tyson is coming to a Broadway stage, soon.

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COVERED: Mike and KiKi Tyson shine for June Sister 2 Sister Mag

Mike and KiKi Tyson - Sister 2 Sister, June 2012

Mike and KiKi Tyson open up to Jamie Foster Brown Mike Tyson and his wife Lakiha Tyson, better known as “KiKi” have been married since the summer of 2009, and in a candid interview with Jamie Foster Brown of Sister 2 Sister Magazine, KiKi shares the story of their meeting, her past legal troubles, Mike’s …

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PHOTOSTORY: Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson

Holyfield and Tyson April 2012 via Instagram

Let bygones be bygones

Mike Tyson Spoofs Herman Cain in Hilarious Video

Tyson Cain

Bless the Funny or Die crew. They’ve done it again. Mike Tyson jumped on board with a comedic impersonation of Republican presidential hopeful, Herman Cain. Advance the ball for the video….

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