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Zach Randolph Is Donk King Of The NBA

Zach Randolp

Car culture will never fade away.  It has had its ups and downs of course, with highly customized “rides” being all the rage amongst athletes, rappers and celebrities in the late nineties through the mid-2K.   But its 2011 and one athlete’s love for customized cars is tried and true. Zach Randolph loves his Chevy’s, …

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Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Cover Dime Mag

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are making a strong case for greatness in this years NBA Playoffs. Pro basketball in Oklahoma City? No problem. These two young phenoms are turning whispers to shouts as they team to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to its first NBA Championship (speaking of firsts, this is the first time …

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Lorenzen Wright Missed During Grizzlies Playoff Run

The Memphis Grizzlies are making an incredible impact in the 2011 NBA Playoffs. As an “8 seed” team, not many expected them to successfully compete against the top-seeded San Antonio Spurs. Quite the contrary. The Grizzlies lead the Spurs 3-1 in a seven game series that has exposed San Antonio’s age. This Memphis team is …

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