Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Cover Dime Mag

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are making a strong case for greatness in this years NBA Playoffs. Pro basketball in Oklahoma City? No problem. These two young phenoms are turning whispers to shouts as they team to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to its first NBA Championship (speaking of firsts, this is the first time where Dime Magazine ever featured two athletes on the same cover.

There is an underlying controversy in OKC that implies that Westbrook wants to be the star. Most would agree that its Durant’s team, but a talent like Westbrook’s sometimes cannot be denied.

What will the future hold for these two? Will they mature enough to make things work for the greater good (assuming that in the shadows something is amiss) of the franchise?

Time will tell.

In the meantime, they must continue to battle the Memphis Grizzlies for a trip to the Western Conference Finals.

Rumble, young men, rumble.

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