Zach Randolph Is Donk King Of The NBA

Zach Randolp

Car culture will never fade away.  It has had its ups and downs of course, with highly customized “rides” being all the rage amongst athletes, rappers and celebrities in the late nineties through the mid-2K.  

But its 2011 and one athlete’s love for customized cars is tried and true. Zach Randolph loves his Chevy’s, and only the “Donk, Box and Bubble” will do. 

Rides Magazine interviewed the Memphis Grizzlies star about his collection of pride and joy….

How’d you get into Donks as opposed to other old-schools?
It’s just something about ’em, man. I’ve always seen guys ride Donks in the hood, and I just fell in love with ’em. I got my first one as soon as I got in the league. It was raggedy, but it was all good.

How many do you own? Do you have a favorite?
I have six Donks: three hards and three ’verts. I have another ’74 on the way, too. My favorite is probably the black ’vert; that’s the one I have the most money in. There is a lot of work in that car.

Some athletes get into old-schools for bragging rights. How are you different?
I heard LeBron has a Donk that’s pretty clean. But a lot of the players just slap rims on there—that doesn’t count. I take pride in my Chevys; not everybody takes their time and does it the right way. If it’s rusted out, put some metal in there instead of Bondo. Make sure the engine is A1, the paint is good, get a nice li’l trunk setup—have a nicely built Chevy. When I look at one, I look at it inside out. I open the trunk, hood, everything, you know?  


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