LeBron James fitted for first championship ring

LeBron James

LeBron James fitted for first championship ring

LeBron James is a champion (in case you forgot, although I don’t see how you could, considering the enormity of it all).

Because LBJ is a champion (can’t say that enough,) he will get a championship ring. His first. I am sure it will be big and shiny and full of diamonds because Micky Arison and Pat Riley are no slouches when it comes to spending money.

Advance the ball to watch the vid.

He seemed to be playing it cool, but on the inside I bet he was going all Gangnam Style. 🙂

The Miami Heat won the NBA Championship against the Oklahoma City Thunder, June 21, 2012, on their home court, the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. LeBron James was named MVP.



    Did “Daddy Stern” and the refs get fitted for their rings too?

  2. NBA Fan

    Wow, can’t come up with something better to write about?  There has been other players fitted for a ring including the rest of the Heat players.  Lebron can’t go to the toilet without you people writing about it.  Guess what guys?  There are other NBA stars out there and not just Lebron.

  3. Brownjm1

    ALL HAIL TO DA KING. that is one and counting

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