Samsung’s “LeBron’s Day” spot a thing of marketing beauty

LeBron's Day

LeBron James teams with Samsung for the release of the Galaxy Note II in LeBron’s Day commercial spot

Its becoming clear to me that when it comes to LeBron, there is B.R. and A.R.

Before the ring and after the ring.

Prior to LeBron James becoming a NBA Champion and the NBA Finals MVP, he was on a long road writhe with criticism, disdain and skepticism.

Once he decided to exercise his rights as a free agent and join the Miami Heat, the anti-LeBron flood gates opened, and eventually the he would admit that his methodology was ill-concieved and poorly executed. For awhile it seemed like “The Decision” would be his only legacy.

Fast forward to today and LeBron James has evolved before our very eyes. He slayed the giant, a giant that in large part was he himself, and is emerging as a man who appears comfortable within, more mature, and finally able to step boldly into his greatness.

Samsung knows this too. They saw the opportunity and the marketing “marriage” between LBJ and Samsung has given us one of the most warm and fuzzy commercials I’ve seen in a long time.

Take a look at “LeBron’s Day.”

I can’t lie, now I want a Samsung Galaxy Note II, also.

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