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Hannibal Navies

In general, Los Angeles is a wonderful place to be during any awards season. The weather is beautiful and the events are never-ending. By rule of thumb, no awards show week is complete without celebrity gifting suites and ESPN The Magazine’s “ESPY Style Studio” was on the to-do list of lots of athletes and celebs…. …

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CARPET RIDE: Playboy All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party

Playboy All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party held in Los Angeles Monday night the Playboy All-Star Celebrity Kickoff party was held at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood. Its ESPY’s week in LA and the sports stars are all up and through. Eddie George was the DJ for the night Advance the ball for more pics….

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Dhani Jones’ NFL Lockout Solution

While his Cincinnati Bengals teammate Chad Ochocinco vies for a spot on a soccer team, linebacker Dhani Jones has a better, more long term idea. He is putting in a bid to be the next voice of the AFLAC duck. Check out his impromptu submission…. Hey, Dhani. Good luck with that. You can follow Dhani …

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