CARPET RIDE: Playboy All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party

Playboy All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party held in Los Angeles

Monday night the Playboy All-Star Celebrity Kickoff party was held at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood.

Its ESPY’s week in LA and the sports stars are all up and through.

Eddie George was the DJ for the night

Warrick Dunn

Advance the ball for more pics….

Bonnie-Jill Laflin

Bonnie-Jill is the first female scout in the NBA (Los Angeles Lakers).

She’s stuntin’ on ALL of us….

Russell Westbrook stood tall for the Ballertainment camera.

The Barracuda Network Girls

The adventurous and charismatic Dhani Jones was there.

Jay Williams

Actor Roger Cross

All the guys and dolls were in great spirits and very cool. Fantastic times!

All photos via Ballertainment

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