The Los Angeles Vikings?

For NFL teams that could end up relocating to Los Angeles, it seems we can toss the Minnesota Vikings into the mix. While I believe LA will actually get a team, I don’t believe the Minnesota franchise would become the golden child to fulfill that prophecy. I mean, the Los Angeles Vikings? Really?

Any team in the division formerly known as the NFC Central (yes, I still refer to it as such,) is too firmly entrenched in storied history to be uprooted to a city of sun, frolic, and fickle like LA. Those teams are of the old “black and blue” division. They’re supposed to play in the cold. Money talks though, so never say never.

LA is enchanting, laid back and sexy, and downtown LA (DTLA) is its flower in bloom. For years it had been mired in underdevelopment and under-appreciation; an area of the city known for city government, industry, hard-working merchants, and perceived undesirables. All of that is changing now, and downtown can be added to the list of “where its at” in the city. The Staples Center, LA Live, and many new additions, including luxury living, new dining and retail, the Expo Light Rail project, and improvements along Figueroa Street, at USC, and at Expo Park, make a compelling case for a DTLA football/mixed-use stadium.

But its complicated.

An NFL strike looms, there are legal and political hurdles to overcome, there is the displacement or relocation of businesses and residents, and then there is the City of Industry, which has approved the construction of a stadium. Oh what a tangled web.

Aerial view of downtown LA, Staples Center, Convention Center

Here is the golden question – do Los Angeleans really care to have a team again? Seriously. After your lover has been gone for so long, you eventually get over it. The Lakers and Dodgers have a stronghold on the people’s affection. The Clippers, Angels, and Kings have loyal fans too. When it comes to football in this city/county, the NCAA is the only show in town, and they take full advantage of the opportunity. The argument can be made that the USC Trojans are our “pro” team, and their cross-town rivalry with UCLA’s Bruins is excitement enough.

Ballertainment will follow the advancement of this story closely. It will become very interesting with the involvement of AEG and Magic Johnson.

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