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BGYC: Allen Iverson holds official retirement presser

Allen Iverson retires Allen Iverson retired Wednesday. All our beloved sports heros retire, one day. Something about this one feels incomplete, though. Perhaps its because Iverson’s career has come to an end in a manner that seems open-ended.

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Allen Iverson got game ready listening to Michael Jackson

Allen Iver

Allen Iverson talks NBA and Michael Jackson with Reebok In 2001, Allen Iverson signed a lifetime shoe deal with Reebok. Recently, Reebok announced the reissue two versions of his shoes, the “Question” and the “Answer IV.” The shoes, given a makeover with Georgetown University colorways, were released last week, Friday. In conjunction with that release, …

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Can you complete the Allen Iverson press conference crossword puzzle?

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is the subject of a crossword puzzle. All the hints refer to the former Philadelphia 76ers infamous 2002 “Practice?’ press conference, after which life in Philly was never the same.

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FLASHBACK: Memorable Moments In NBA Draft History – MJ, AI, LBJ

Michael Jordan is selected 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 1984 NBA Draft…. My, how things have changed? M.J. was off preparing for the Olympics. The footage was dark, the production was paltry, and the commissioner looked like a used car salesman.

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BYE-BYE LOVE: Allen Iverson Faces Divorce, Again

For the second time, Tawanna Iverson, wife of former NBA player Allen Iverson, has reportedly filed for divorce. Their ten year marriage is coming to an end. Her first filing occurred in March 2010, but their differences must not have been irreconcilable at that time because the petition was dropped.

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