Michael Jordan paternity suit dismissed, for now

Michael Jordan

Pamela Smith drops paternity suit against Michael Jordan

The paternity case against Michael Jordan has been dismissed.

TMZ reports that Pamela Smith, who claims that Jordan fathered her 16-year-old son, filed documents in at a Georgia courthouse requesting the case be withdrawn.

Why, you ask?

Who knows, but the dismissal was granted without prejudice.


    When a lawsuit is dismissed without prejudice, it signifies that none of the rights or privileges of the individual involved are considered to be lost or waived.

Randy Kessler, Ms. Smith’s attorney indicated that its in the child’s best interest, at this time, for the suit to be dropped.

Pam, you ain’t foolin’ nobody! Can we say settlement?

I think its crazy that folks are still dippin’ into MJ’s coffers after all these years.

The lesson here, boys and girls? Keep your skivvies on, or call upon the Trojan Man.

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