Kenyon Martin hopes Clippers “lose every game”

Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin has no love for former team

Kenyon Martin and the New York Knicks lost to the Clippers Sunday night, 80-93, in Los Angeles. Obviously it didn’t sit well with him (why would it, though?) and he had some sour grapes for his former team.

In reference to the Clippers speedy style of play and how it might translate during the playoffs, he said…

    “You can’t do it in the playoffs,” he said, “so it doesn’t matter. In the regular season, it’s all up and down, man. We know the way the game goes in the regular season.”

Regarding their future success, he stated…

    “I don’t care what they do,” he said. “I hope they lose every game. I don’t care.”

Damn, K-Mart.

I’m pretty sure his angst is directed more towards the front office (seems to me they could have kept him), than it is towards Martin’s former teammates. Well, at least his veteran teammates. I don’t know how he felt about those youngsters.

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