SEASON OVER: Andrew Bynum slated for double knee surgery

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum will miss rest of season

Andrew Bynum will have to sit it on down for the rest of the season, as he is set to have arthroscopic surgery on both his knees — according to the Philadelphia 76ers.

After many months of rehabilitation and consulting with numerous doctors, Andrew and the doctors treating him determined that this is the best course of action at this point. – Tony DiLeo, 76ers GM.

I’m wondering why Sixers brass and Young Drew waited so long to make this decision. This fella had knee problems when he arrived in Philly. Could it be that the Sixers were holding on to the hope that Bynum would play this season, the way Donald Trump holds on to his pithy combover?

The Sixers were duped. The Bynum acquisition was a bust, and after this season he is free to go wherever he likes, or to whichever team is bold enough to take a chance that his scoped knees will hold up.

Something tells me heads will roll on Broad Street before its all said and done.



  1. don

    Wow. I figured Bynum wouldn’t play a single game this season after his DNPs had reached a certain point – Sixers probably felt it made more since for the insurance company to foot the $16.9 million owed Bynum. But woe is the organization that will now be forced to offer a max contract to a player returning from double knee surgeries.

    I too believe Sixers were duped.

    1. TheLadyGM

      Seems like they should receive some sort of restitution for this one. I’m sure the Lakers knew how bad it was.

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