Derrick Rose has no timetable for return

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose will return when he is good and ready

Derrick Rose told reporters in Chicago that he’s not ready to return to basketball. Its just that simple.

Yes, his athleticism is missed on the court and his highlights are missed on Sportscenter. Shoe giant, adidas, is ready to change the scope back to their initial vision, I’m sure.

Chicago Bulls faithful (including yours truly) want to see the team get back to its quest for a title, but it has to wait and Rose shut it all down when he said the following:

I’m coming back when I feel normal. If that’s in a couple of days, that’s great. If it’s not, I’m fine.

Admittedly, on his part, its the mental aspect that has D. Rose waiting. The physicians say he’s fine. The trainers say he’s fine. The team announced he’s cleared to play. He’s just not ready.

Everyone supports him on this, including his family and Coach Thibodeau.

Get over it.

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