Dwight Howard allegedly tweets that he’s not yet healthy

dwight howard

Dwight Howard isn’t healthy enough to play yet

Apparently, Dwight Howard is cool enough with one of his Twitter followers that he sent a series of direct messages to the guy via his account.

The information he shared offers us enough information to know that Howard is the misguided piece of work many have been thinking he is.

Catch the tweets after you advance the ball.

Who does this? Ok, more so, who STILL does this? As a public figure, the decision to tell secrets via social media is asinine, especially when those secrets can be of detriment to your career. How can you be so trusting?

Now that you’ve once again bashed the organization who pays you and revealed you “can’t even run yet,” you have essentially sealed your fate and will likely spend the 2012-13 NBA season as member of the Orlando Magic, just out of spite.

I bet Charles Barkley is somewhere shaking his head.

h/t The NBA Mistress

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