Miss Trust: La La’s Full Court Life, season 2 premiere REPLAY

La La Anthony returned to VH1 Monday night with a second season of her show, La La’s Full Court Life and things were juicy right out the gate.

Think personal assistants and strippers.

Joining her again this season is her trusted crew — cousin Dice, bff Po, brother Diego, and the piece of the pie that every girl needs, a great and candid male friend, Charlamagne The God of The Breakfast Club in New York.

Most interestingly, we meet Asani, Carmelo’s assistant or “Director of Operations” as La La refers to her.

The main subject of this episode (and mainly instigated by Charlamagne) is whether or not Asani and Melo share a relationship beyond work.


There are many women who work in sports.

Women work for the leagues, teams, agents, and apparel companies. We work in sports as reporters, journalists, publicists, agents, stylists, barbers, chefs, trainers, assistants, nannies, and I could continue but you get the drift.

A great deal of those women are attractive, and obviously a wife or significant other might feel the strain of wondering if a chick can be trusted around her man, but every woman working in sports is NOT out to be someone’s concubine.

While Angie Beyince (yes, Beyonce’s cousin and confidante) warned against hiring a “cute sexy girl” to work for one’s man…

…in this case, I say La La has nothing to worry about. Asani is a beautiful lady but she is clearly Sponge Bob. She’s more about her business and keeps her eyes on her bank statements, not Melo.

This is not to say Asani isn’t privy to more than meets the eye of an athlete’s life, but that is for another discussion. *whistles while I write*

The other topic of discussion was the strip club.

It’s no secret that men visit the strip club. Its like the great escape. Diego and Charlamagne dotted the “i” and crossed the “t” on that sentiment. Even Kelly Rowland said she would have no problem if her man went to the strip club. Many couples enjoy a night out at the strip club.

But, when ball players go its as if Christmas came early . And, La La’s friend Gi Gi Maguire, a renowned former stripper (Magic City), was quite honest about what goes on in the club. She even gave La a few tips on how to ramp up her sexy. I’ll just say, top tier dancers make the big bucks for a reason.

This still didn’t ease La La’s mind about Asani and Melo, though, so she took her concerns to the Sensei — her mother.

Carmen laid it out flat, as only a mother could. She let La La know that she would be surprised if there was anything inappropriate going on between Asani and Melo, but that she would not be shocked.

That’s when La La knew it was time to talk face-to-face with Asani.

La La expressed her concerns to Asani over dinner, and Asani handled it like a champ. She wasted no time in letting La La know that Melo is not her cup of tea and that she loves them both and would never get down like that. La La even offered to find Asani a man, although that’s probably more for her own peace of mind than anything else.

Here is a taste of last night’s show…..

Catch full episodes of La La’s Full Court Life, Monday’s on VH1 at 8/7 Central.


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  1. EVB 7

    This is great blog. I saw the show Monday night and thought all of the instigator need to get a life. That Charlemagne need to man up, and not start mess, where there is not any. But I did like how La La handled the whole thing. Keep doing your thing!

    1. Rob

      Thank you! In my head, I have a love/hate with Charlamagne. La La is always a class act.

      I’m glad you like the blog. Keep reading, EVB! 😉

  2. Rakharaedwards

    I love your blog and the diversity of all your posts!

    1. Rob

      Thanks, Ra!

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