REPLAY: La La’s Full Court Life, Season 1 Episode 5, The Press

In Episode 5, we begin with La La, Kiyan, Dice and Po visiting Time’s Square to see a newly erected Carmelo Anthony billboard.

I think that was nice for Kiyan to see. I bet he thinks his daddy is Superman.

La then met with her publicist, Michael Gagliardo, to get her appearance schedule….

La La expressed concern that she might overshadow Melo. *crickets* I love La La, but come on now. I don’t think she can overshadow him, and if so, he doesn’t strike me as the type of softie who would mind. Melo seems quite comfy to ride shotgun with his wife.

So, included in La La’s media run was a visit to The Wendy Williams Show.

La has to battle the perception that she decided Melo should play in New York and that she is the Queen Bee of Knicks basketball wives.

Of course, Wendy swirled that around like ice in a cocktail glass and La La admitted that the none of the Knicks wives had approached her yet.

Later La La meets up with Po and Dice for lunch at New York hotspot Da Silvano.

They discuss the Knicks wives situation and La is really concerned that she will not be accepted by the wives or the perception that she is the HWIC (head wife in charge) will not sit so well with them.

To lighten things up, the ladies decide to all make calls to their significant others. Now, this was funny.

Lisette wouldn’t answer Po’s call (apparently, Po has been in hot water with her babe because she left to go to New York to hang with Dice and La), and Mel wouldn’t answer La La’s calls, but when Dice made the call, her chick (“The Situation”) answered with the quickness and the ladies erupted in laughter. Sounds like Dice is handling her business….

….Of course, she teased them as she ran around the table with the phone to her ear, waving her napkin in victory.

It was a game night, so the ladies had to get ready for Madison Square Garden. While at the hotel La and Po dared Dice to walk in a pair of La’s Louboutin’s for $25….

….She only took a few steps, but he didn’t wobble. Don’t let Dice fool y’all. She might have her tomboy look on lock, but I know she has an appreciation for fashion. You can’t be around La La as much as she is and not “get it.”

As for La La, you already know she never hits those courtside seats without looking fly. She has to hold it down so she put on her blue suede stilettos and did just that….

The next day, it was time to move out of the hotel. The Knicks organization arranged temporary housing for The Anthony’s in Westchester, NY, but Po and Dice got the sweetest deal — La La put them up in the Gansevort, a luxury hotel in Manhattan. She also made it clear that she and Kiyan would be staying there when Melo goes on the road. I’m confused, though. How long are Po and Dice supposed to stay in New York? Don’t they have stuff to do?

At episode’s end, La La has one last appearance at Power 105 (105.1) with The Breakfast Club. DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and (my favorite) Charlamagne Tha God welcome her to the studio with open arms.

Oh, tell DJ Envy we saw him checking out La’s cakes when she entered the room. No shade, though. That’s what a grown man does.

Anyway, immediately they go in about other basketball wives and how La La is a real basketball wife, blah, blah, blah. La does her best to avoid the controversy….

She has no beef with the Basketball Wives show or its cast members. She’s too busy doing her.

Charlamagne even went so far as to call the BBW ladies, “basketball birds.” SMH. The whole basketball wife lifestyle catches so much flack now, it just might be scarred for life.

Next week, we finally get to meet Piper Billups, wife of All-Star point guard, Chauncy Billups, and Carmelo’s teammate. She and La La hash out some misunderstandings about the trade to New York which included the Billups, and word is Ms. Piper was none to pleased….

I can’t wait.

You know I’ll have the recap for you.

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