New Under Armour Spot Features Cam Newton, Monica Hargrove, Tom Brady, Ray Lewis

If you didn’t know, Under Armour is coming for other apparel companies necks.

Remember their initial commercial campaigns?  “WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!”  Admittedly, I wasn’t to keen on it at first, but they are on to something great, as evidenced by the athletes they’ve signed on as endorsers this year.

In this latest commercial, “Footsteps,” you see Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, track and field diva Monica Hargrove and future NFL Hall of Famers Tom Brady and Ray Lewis.

Take a look.  There’s skin….

Under Armour is also endorsed by Jose Reyes (MLB, NY Mets) Brandon Jennings (NBA, Milwaukee Bucks) and  Vernon Davis (NFL, San Francisco 49ers).  The company just bolstered their roster by signing on NFL rookie Julio Jones and NBA rookies Kemba Walker and Derrick Williams.

Among the NCAA programs supported by Under Armour are the Auburn, South Florida, Texas Tech and Utah.

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