Michael Beasley Gets Physical With A Heckler At Dyckman Park

Industry Rule No. 1: Don’t touch the fans. Somehow though, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley missed the memo.

Word came down the pipeline that Beasley was being heckled by a fan and didn’t take too kindly to it.

During summer league play at Dyckman Park in New York, a heckler took things a little too far and reportedly Beasley reacted by giving dude the “mush” to the face.

IamaGM.com shared the twitvid. Watch the meltdown for yourself….

And here’s a more clear look at the incident…

I hate to see this. Guys must be mentally stronger than to let some name calling take them off their square. I heard the “B” word delivered, and I know that’s one of the last things a man wants to be called, but be cool. As you can see, Kevin Durant was unfazed.

But, Michael Beasley wasn’t the only one to lose cool at a summer league game. BlackSportsOnline reports that Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes gave a fan some “ack right” in San Fran too.

David Stern is somewhere shaking his head. Due to the NBA lockout, that’s all he can do for now.

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