Donovan McNabb Traded To Minnesota Vikings

No. 5 is on the move.

The Washington Redskins agreed Wednesday to trade veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings.

Don’t get it twisted – Donovan McNabb is a star. The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have him for 11 years as their QB for shhts and giggles.

He may be seasoned and “old” by football standards, but his experience is invaluable, he has a lot to prove, and there are people who want to see him succeed. The NFC North is no cake walk, but he will certainly shake things up and hold his own. Sorry, Christian Ponder, but you’re gonna have to hold that clipboard for a while.

I want to see Donovan win (except against the Bears) and in Week 16 the Vikings visit the Redskins. Cue the redemption song. I hope they skin the Redskins like scraggly alley cats because Mike Shanahan and Co. did him wrong.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see what he does with the nice receiving crew he has. The Vikings just signed former embattled Bears receiver Devin Aromashodu, and he can GO. Between Aromashodu and Percy Harvin, McNabb is gonna have big fun.

Best wishes, Five. I’ll be watching and tweeting, even though I know YOU WON’T. Ha!!

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